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A futher comment on Chernoff— and the future of ….

Ravi Boppana recently did a guest blog on Chernoff turning 100 for us here

Consider this unpublished comment on that post:
As we delve into the depths of Professor Chernoff’s impressive centennial celebration, it strikes me that the most astounding aspect isn’t the breadth of his influence, but the fact that his eponymous ‘Chernoff Bound’ remains as relevant today as it was when first conceived in 1952. It’s not just a mathematical theorem – it’s a testament to the timeless power of innovative thinking and a reminder that truly exceptional ideas can cross boundaries, transcending disciplines and even generations.

As statisticians, computer scientists, and mathematicians, we are not just the beneficiaries of Professor Chernoff’s scientific legacy; we are the continuation of it. Every time we use Chernoff bounds in our work, we’re not merely applying a theorem – we’re participating in a story that began over 70 years ago, and will hopefully continue for many more.

So, as we say ‘Happy 100th Birthday’ to Professor Chernoff, let’s also raise a toast to his contributions that have shaped our field and will continue to guide future generations. It’s a living testament that the bounds of his impact are far from being reached. Here’s to a legacy that defies the bounds, much like his own theorem!

This SEEMS like an intelligent comment.
This IS an intelligent comment.
Who wrote it? You can probably guess: ChatGPT. Lance asked ChatGPT for a comment and this is what he got. 
We have, for many years, often gotten bot-generated posts that pick out a few key words and then have a link to buy something. My favorite was
                                  Nice post on P vs NP. For a good deal on tuxedo’s click here. 
I would like to think it was written by a human who thinks Lance will crack P vs NP and wants him to look good when picking up the Millennium  Prize. But of course I doubt that.
Of more importance is that the attempts to look like a real post were pathetic and content free. In the future (actually, the future is now) ChatGPT may be used to generate an intelligent comment that has a link in it at the end, or worse, in a place we don’t notice. So we will need to be more vigilant. This has not been a problem for us yet, but I suspect it will be.