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Margot Robbie’s Pink Corvette on Display

Margot Robbie's Pink Corvette on Display
Barbie's human-sized pink car

Photo: Catherine Asanov for Licensing Expo.

Barbie will soon hit the big screen, and our excitement over every aspect of this film—director Greta Gerwig’s “abstract poem”-informed approach, Ryan Gosling’s Kenergy, Margot Robbie and her subversive doll squad—can barely be contained. Today’s scrap of fun to tide us over comes in the form of a whole lotta photos of the Barbie movie car.

While this pinkly pink pink pink vintage Corvette (which also comes in toy form, naturally) is really better suited for speeding down a coastal highway, probably with several pairs of rollerblades tossed into the trunk, it still looks perfectly shiny in this more stationary context. The pink velvet rope is a nice touch.

Barbie arrives in theaters July 21. In the meantime, check out her wheels!

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