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Midjourney Prompts For Cartoon Characters

Midjourney Prompts For Cartoon Characters
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Midjourney is a generative text-to-image tool that uses AI to create beautiful images based on the text prompts that you provide. This powerful tool is improving exponentially, and it is particularly good at making cartoon characters. 

Whether you are an avid cartoon fan who wants to get creative, or a fully-fledged animator who is looking for character inspiration, Midjourney is an awesome tool that will help you make cartoon characters without any artistic skills or background. 

All you need is a prompt, and here are 52 Midjourney prompts to make cartoon characters. 

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Midjourney Prompts For Cartoon Characters

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Prompt: Cartoon anime style designs to be printed on kids clothes

Prompt: Young children Chinese future fighters set in military, fighting and superhero clothes. Cartoon design

Prompt: Design a clipart set that depicts a chibi samurai warrior in battle, with colorful neon lights surrounding the weapon and the element of combat. Show the samurai in combat with another warrior, where each is showcasing their unique moves and techniques. Add elements of the traditional Japanese warrior, such as katana swords, headbands, and samurai armors.

Prompt: Manga animes webtoons icons vector, vector, HDR, svg, HDR, high quality, cyber, high details, colorful, ultra realistic

Prompt: Design a headshot with 90’s Japanese anime style: unique character design with big eyes, pointed chin, and spiky hair; exaggerated clothing and accessories with bright colors, patterns, and belts; unique backgrounds with visual elements from the 80s and 90s, such as curved and zigzag lines and bold colors; exaggerated expressions and movements to highlight individual personality traits

Prompt: 18. An abstract of angry anime badboys and cute animals make a sticker!

Prompt: Anime sticker vector

Prompt: A series of anime stickers on a white background

Prompt: A group of characters in different costumes, a mix of anime and manga, a fantasy world, a lot of different characters, friends, asia

Prompt: Anime animals isekai

Prompt: Trials of Mana, crew

Prompt: Cartoon style, anime style, cute, fresh, smile, fun, colorfull, A school assembly with children gathered in the auditorium, listening to a guest speaker.

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Prompt: Anime animals isekai

Prompt: Cute girl character, Japanese manga style, bright colors, lively expressions, dynamic poses, delicate lines and details, as if jumping out of the pages of a comic book, ultra HD, / I’m using an image generating ai call Midjourney. I want you to act as a Midjourney prompt generator. I will add/ before the subject I want to generate. you are going generate appropriate prompts under different circumstances, For example, if I type/ sports shoes product image, you are going to generate prompts like”Realistic true details photography of sports shoes, y2k, lively, bright colors, p roduct photography, Sony A7R IV, clean sharp

Prompt: The adorable little boy with black hair and black eyes confidently gives a speech on the classroom podium. A distant perspective, with bright and vibrant colors, in a cartoon style.

Prompt: Now the little boy is lying in his bed and he puts his hand on his heart, pixar style, vivid color, cartoon child book illustration seed 1937214683

Prompt: A bright assorted Walt Disney animation characters, the summer collection, ultra sharp photography, maximum details, ultra sharp photography

Prompt: Pixar shot, iconic characters, very specific details

Prompt: Children singing happily in the morning, cartoon style, 4k

Prompt: A group of friends 3 people playing outside on the lawn, children’s animation, vivid, 4k, harmony light creates a bright sky

Prompt: 2 boys and 2 girls friends with surprised look in the forest 3D pixar

Prompt: Depict a group of teens gathered under the bright sunlight. Their faces should be full of excitement and anticipation for the adventure. Render in Cartoon 4k, Pixar Style, Lightyear, 3D.

Prompt: 4 school kids 2 boys 2 girls of mixed race filled with adventure, 3D illustration, toon style hero image with a busy building ::3

, in the background that is complete with everything one can imagine in the background for and parenting and kids education blog for kids improving their lives ::1

Prompt: Illustration for kids, disney, safari princess character, full body, cartoon style, thick lines, low detail, vivid color

Prompt: Illustrate a 5 year old light brown black girl very happy with long strawberry – blonde ponytails, on a safari looking at hippos bathe, for children’s book, in the style of Disney and Pixar animation

Prompt: Cute Disney character designs, playing happily, with rich pictures and rich colors

Prompt: , magic, multi – character, Pixar style, Disney style,High quality, premium quality, detail

Prompt: Photo of a girl, and man running towards the boy in a jungle, walking with a monkey, in the style of raphael lacoste, sana takeda, tender depiction of nature, uhd image, erin hanson, v 5. 1

Prompt: Embark on an exhilarating journey with Daniele Alfieri, a charismatic adventurer with short, black hair. Immerse yourself in a Disney – inspired 3D animation that combines high contrast, ultra – detailed visuals, and irresistible cuteness. Picture Daniele as he roams through a bustling city, surrounded by tall buildings and towering skyscrapers. Let the cityscape exude its charm, creating a vibrant backdrop for his explorations. Frame Daniele as the central character, capturing his adventurous spirit in his room. Pay meticulous attention to every detail, from his confident stance to the twinkle in his eyes, ensuring his personality shines through. Transport viewers to a world where the magic of Disney – style animation intertwines with the allure of urban exploration, igniting a sense of wonder and excitement.

Prompt: The Disney princess Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Ariel, Merida, Mulan, Snow White, Pocahontas, Tiana, Cinderella, Moana, Megara watching a movie at the cinema, 8k, disney style

Prompt: A princess walking down aisle in a pixar movie

Prompt: Disney, character, hero

Prompt: Picture a vibrant showcase of large – scale youthful and attractive character avatar designs in styles including cartoon and 3D. The composition should prominently feature handsome males and beautiful females, capturing the essence of creativity, versatility, and attention to detail. Let the image focus on the charm and appeal that goes into each avatar design, 8k.

Prompt: People with different emotions pixar – style 3d solid colored background

Prompt: Icon collection of human face character

Prompt: Recent Disney movie characters, movie poster, Disney style, clay, colorful, smiling, party, 3d

Prompt: A group of cute children in the park, happy, daytime, there are balloons around, wearing beautiful clothes, colorful, blue sky and white clouds, dreams, excitement,daytime, animated lighting, 3d art, c4d, octane rendering, ray tracing, popmart blind box, clay material, pixar trend, super detail,

Prompt: A little boys and big fat cat riding on air balloons in a scene, in the style of unreal engine 5, detailed crowd scenes, animated expressions, cinquecento, rtx, louis, rtx on

Prompt: A host of disney characters

Prompt: Group photo, pirates disney animated version

Prompt: A group of two Boys, two girls, one pirate, and one master mariner; six people in total; sailing in a galleon, in high sea. 3d, fairy tale atmosphere, colorful, super details, The Pirates Sony Pictures Animation style. 4K

Prompt: Anime hero character sheet, Disney Pixar style illustration.

Prompt: Make 16 cool profile pictures set, fantasy, sketch, 3d, and cartoon.

Prompt: Distinct character headshots, cute, modern, quirky, vibrant, stylized, expressive, inclusive, Bold modern lined style, each with unique traits

Prompt: This team of eight different characters

Are the eight Spiritual Destin in the spiritual world 8k HD

Prompt: As they journey deeper into the jungle, they encounter rival treasure hunters who will stop at nothing to claim the lost city’s riches for themselves.

Prompt: Faithful, true render of of 50 individual popular Disney characters as chibi.

Prompt: Cool cartoon kids all heights and sizes and races with different hairstyles in 3d clay mockup render zbrush blender 4k style


Little kid character, multiple poses and expressions, full body, ultra gigh detailed, 3D pixar style ::2

, cute, white plain background ::1

Prompt:  3 with Asian facial features chatting at the elevator entrance, coffee in hand, cartoon, pop sound, characters, Disney style, gradient background, exquisite 3D rendering, C4D, oc rendering, lovely effect is achieved by big head and small body. 8K best quality 3D, C4D, blender, oc renderer, ultra HD, super wide angle, top view camera, noise gradient 3D rendering – ar16: 9

Prompt:  A cute 6 – year – old Chinese kid is standing and reading, hand holding an open book, happy expression, full length shot, with clear facial features, big eyes, depth of field, natural light, Pixar style 3d characters, cartoon style, c4d, octane rendering, ultra high definition, 8k, – – ar 16: 9

Prompt: this Pixar character, hopeful expression, optimistically looking to the skies

If you’re as excited as us about learning how to use Midjourney and create AI art, then make sure you check out our guide on advanced Midjourney prompts.

1,000+ Free Midjourney Prompts

Check out our free resource of 1,000+ Midjourney Prompts. It includes design styles, logo prompts, photography prompts, game design prompts, Anime prompts, and a lot more.

It’s 100% free!

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