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Useful Links

Useful Links

Essential Tools and Resources for Securing and Optimizing Your Computer.

Useful Links: All links provided below can be used at your own risk. BVTech LLC does not accept any responsibility for any issues arising from the use of any of these applications or the links provided.

Top 5 Useful Links:

1. Microsoft Azure – A leading cloud computing platform for building, deploying, and managing applications through Microsoft’s data centers.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – A comprehensive and secure cloud services platform provided by Amazon.

3. Coursera – Access online courses from top universities and institutions on a variety of IT topics.

4. Salesforce  – Leading CRM and cloud computing software for sales and marketing.

5. TechCrunch  – Stay updated on the latest tech news and trends in the B2B IT space.

IT Solutions:

6. Google Cloud – Google’s suite of cloud computing services that offer everything from cloud storage to machine learning.

7. IBM Cloud – IBM’s cloud platform offering a wide range of cloud computing services.

8. Cisco Networking Solutions  – Explore Cisco’s networking solutions for businesses of all sizes.

9. Oracle Cloud  – Oracle’s cloud platform for enterprise-level cloud services and applications.

IT Training:

10. edX – A platform for education and learning that offers a wide range of IT courses.

11. Pluralsight – A tech-focused online learning platform with courses on various IT subjects.

12. Udemy – Learn IT skills with thousands of online courses from experts.

13. CompTIA – A resource for IT certifications and training.

14. Cybrary – A cybersecurity-focused platform offering free IT training.

Business to Business IT:

15. – A source for chief information officers and IT leaders, covering B2B IT trends.

16. Gartner – Leading research and advisory company providing insights into B2B IT solutions.

17. ZDNet – Tech news and reviews with a focus on B2B IT and business software.

18. Forrester – Research and advisory firm specializing in B2B technology and IT.

Business Software:

19. Microsoft 365 – Comprehensive suite of productivity software for businesses.

20. QuickBooks – Accounting and financial software for small businesses.

21. Slack – Collaboration and communication software for teams and businesses.

22. Trello – Project management software to organize tasks and projects.

Free and Paid Tools:

23. OpenOffice – A free, open-source office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, and more.

24. GIMP  – Free and powerful graphic design software.

25. LastPass – Password management tool with free and premium options.

26. TeamViewer – Remote desktop software for remote support and access.

27. Zapier – Automation tool that connects your favorite apps, free and paid versions available.

Interesting and Unique:

28. The Deep Web – Explore the hidden parts of the internet, often not indexed by search engines.

29. Wolfram Alpha – A unique computational knowledge engine.

30. A Soft Murmur – Create unique ambient sounds to boost productivity.

31. Google Arts & Culture – Explore art and cultural heritage online in unique ways.

32. The Useless Web – Discover bizarre and entertaining websites.

Tried and True:

33. Stack Overflow – A community of developers for solving programming problems.

34. GitHub – A widely used platform for version control and collaboration.

35. TechRadar – Trusted reviews and buying guides for tech products.

36. Ars Technica – In-depth technology news and analysis.

New and Unique:

37. Product Hunt – Discover the latest tech products, apps, and innovations.

38. The Verge – Stay updated on the latest gadgets, tech culture, and tech developments.

39. Hacker News – A forum for sharing and discussing interesting tech-related content.

BVTech LLC is dedicated to providing our clients with the best security solutions available. We recommend these types of applications to help protect your computer from potential threats and increase its performance. This is not the exact stack we use at our business. Each business gets a custom tailored software stack. Our team is available for remote support to assist with any issues you may encounter.